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The Annual Scientific Conference on Sickle Cell and Thalassemia (ASCAT) 2022 conference, in collaboration with European Hematology Association & British Society for Haematology, successfully completed a 3-day conference from 26th—28th January 2022. Due to COVID -19 travel restrictions, it was held as a virtual event, but nevertheless, the event attracted over 300 individuals who listened to over 80 different sessions ranging from abstracts, live lectures and patient sessions. Highly skilled faculty brought in their wealth of experience in their respective topics.

Dr. Wale Atoyebi, Consultant Haematologist and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecture at Oxford University Cancer and Haematology Centre Churchill Hospital, presented a piece of work done in the framework of the ARISE project within Work Package 3 to improve the quality of laboratory systems for Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) laboratory screening in sub-Saharan Africa. A gap analysis approach was adopted at the project start, and two years after, to identify needs and gaps in laboratories performance

This activity showed that secondments and training of scientific and medical laboratory personnel from Nigeria to UK have facilitated a focus on laboratory quality systems. Seconded staff had the chance to get a personal professional development in this interim assessment analysis. The ARISE initiative will build on early success of improvement in laboratory systems to ultimately support service development and capacity building, with the ultimate goal to support laboratories towards full accreditation

You can learn more on the SCD laboratory diagnosis in the ARISE lectures developed by Work Package 3 experts here: https://www.ariseinitiative.org/education-training/arise-virtual-teaching-programme/.