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Due to the on-going concern about the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), this event is postponed.


The Global Sickle Cell Disease Network (GSCDN), a community of SCD clinicians, scientists and researchers, organises in collaboration with the French SCD Community, represented by Jacque Elion, the 4th Global Congress on Sickle Cell Disease on April 7- 9, 2020 at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.

Previous editions were hosted in Africa (Ghana), America (Brazil) and Asia (India), while the 4th Global Congress will take place in Europe, as an illustration of the global dimension of SCD.

The choice of the location reflects the UNESCO mission that aims to promote SCD education among patients/families, health care providers and policy makers as well as the general public. Moreover, UNESCO was the first International Agency to recognize SCD as a global health issue.

The theme of the Congress is “One Sickle-One World-One Voice’’. It emphasizes the single origin and nature of the sickle gene mutation, the rapidly increasing connectivity of the world we live in and the need to find one united and coordinated voice for SCD worldwide.

The scientific program includes plenary lectures, symposia and poster presentations. This will keep you updated with the latest advances in basic knowledge, diagnosis, clinical care, and emerging new therapies including updates for curative treatment options.

Interactions with patient’s associations will promote the information exchange about the impact of the disease on patients, families and communities and display current options to implement the latest developments.

More detailed information about the registration to the event and the abstracts submission is available here.