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The official ARISE General Assembly has been held in the premises of the Royal College of Pathologists, London, on 24th-25th October 2019.

More than 30 members of the ARISE Consortium from all around the world meet to discuss the project workplan advancements, to update on secondments’ achievements and to start planning new staff exchanges.

Fedele Bonifazi and Baba Inusa, as Scientific Coordinator and Project Coordinator, chaired the event, introducing the discussions on key aspects for the management of Sickle Cell Disease.

The themes of proper diagnosis, laboratory accreditation processes, clinical management, counselling, community training and implementation science, epidemiology and genetics were addressed by the top-leading experts of the ARISE consortium. An interactive discussion on the ARISE communication channels has been also held. A practical demo session of a Mobile Application to enter and manage data on Sickle Cell Disease Newborn Screening who is currently in use in Ghana has been presented by Augustine Kwabena Asubonteng, a Research Officer from Sickle Cell Foundation of Ghana

Specific requirements of the ARISE project, in terms of budgeting, management and compliance with ethical standards were finally addressed.

Researchers undergoing secondment in the framework of ARISE had the chance to update the consortium about their scientific and training experience, that has been successful for all of them.

A particular attention has been paid to actions aimed at improving secondments’ general management and to advance with project next steps were also discussed and agreed.

Further information on the ARISE project is available on Twitter and Linkedin. The meeting agenda is available here.