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My Name is Erivelte Nascimento, I’m an Angolan microbiologist and I work at the Center of Health Research in Angola.
How would i describe my experience at ARISE? Eventful to say the least, the three months spent in Lisbon was an eye opening opportunity for me.
The work plan we were working on which was to improve laboratory diagnostics and population screening in terms of research and interaction was enjoyable. Our objective was to master the technique of isoelctric focusing which is used to diagnose neonatal patients of sickle cell disease which therefore contributes to the overall of the populace of Angola.
Before entering the laboratory there were a series of online courses that had to be completed as a preparatory introduction. The CDC sponsored courses had the goal of introducing good laboratory practices while the rest of modules dealt with molecular biology concepts.
After completing the five modules conferring certification, the laboratory training began. With the protocol in hand Catarina explained in fine details and demonstrated the isoelectric focusing technique.
The training also included learning about molecular biology techniques such as Real Time PCR, how to perform DNA extraction from blood samples and interpreting results from completed gels.
The last three months have been very fruitful. The acquisition of new knowledge in the field of diagnostics has helped in my professional development.
It wasn’t only the case of training. The exchange with health professionals from Portugal, Nigeria, other Angolans from different institutions were really encouraging and harmonious.
First of all I would like to thank the ARISE initiative for giving us this opportunity for this training program.
Thanks to Serena from the ARISE coordination team for her support and to Dr. Jocelyne for her guidance and assistance throughout the programme. I would also like to thank Dr. Miguel for his hospitality at the host institute. Thanks to Catarina Ginete who was an excellent instructor throughout the course. Thanks to Serena
Mariana Delgadinho, Osvaldo Avito, Gracious, Sekina, Nzalla, Syntyche, Juelma Manuela, Graciete Salvador, who were great company throughout the course.