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Adriano Siatembo shared his experience at Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa – IPL in Portugal.

I am Adriano Siatembo, a laboratory technician and I have been working with samples from patients with sickle cell disease I participated in the isoelectric focusing training. It was very pertinent and will be very useful for the next studies because with the isoelectric focusing technique we will be able to process a larger amount of samples in the next screenings and obtain excellent results.

I am here as an ARISE trainee, and I will participate in a Neonatal screening with the support of the ARISE project, and this training will be very important for the techniques used.

Through the Arise project that gave me all the support, I can live this great experience that will surely be of great value when I return to my country, it was very good to participate in this internship here in Lisbon.

Thank you for the opportunity.